About us

Statement of vision of the Faculty of Education

The purpose of this programme is to train and equip teachers with the basics of the teaching profession and to develop and implement subject curricula, in order to deliver a better education and training to the younger generation, in the service of educational goals in the country scale.

By combining theory with practice and research, students are trained to be capable teachers of imparting knowledge of their specialty, appropriately and valuable to students, through contemporary teaching methodologies.

Two of the main goals of the faculty activity are: teaching and studies. The teaching activity is based on a contemporary curriculum, which enables qualitative preparation of students in the respective professions. The scientific activity is of an applicable character and focuses on social studies that are of interest to society and beyond.

The mission of the Faculty of Education:

The mission of the Faculty of Education is to prepare qualified students in the education sciences and related fields. The educational methods we operate have universal values ​​as well as support for scientific research. These methods bring to life ideas and projects that affect the betterment of human life and society as a whole.

An important part of the mission of the Faculty of Education is to help students develop the knowledge, skills and needed dispositions to become effective and caring teachers in an ever-changing society.

Another mission of the Faculty of Education is to educate qualified professionals who will be able to pursue their future profession and pursue their academic interests further. This is in full accordance with the mission of University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”.

The importance of the programme comes from the newly created reality in Kosovo. The Faculty of Education combines theory and practice with contemporary conditions and opportunities for a more efficient preparation of students. Our vision is to prepare students who are ready to get involved in the job market, but at the same time to convey the values ​​to build a healthy society.

 We believe that among our students we can convey to all pupils the values ​​of a contemporary educated society.

We aim for our students to be those lifelong learners in constant pursuit of development and education. The faculty promotes students' love and respect for their country, based on professional ethics, universal values, and the acquisition of a broad pluralistic culture in the way they think and conceive of situations.

In order to accomplish the mission there are set the following objectives:

  • To provide graduates with further vocational education and training in the field of teaching;
  • Creating prior experience through practical learning on the process of teaching and learning;
  • E Successful classroom management;
  • Having an active role in enhancing the quality of learning for pupils in schools;
  • Creating a positive climate classroom and organizing teaching in a variety of forms;
  • Establishing professional relationships with teachers, principals and parents;
  • Relating the theoretical information with practical work with pupils in schools, with children of relevant age groups;
  • Applying inclusive principles in the educational process;

Practicing the teaching profession based on contemporary principles of teaching and universal democratic values, etc.