About us

The Faculty of Education aims at preparing teachers for the teaching profession and for the realization of the contents of the teaching curricula, in order to realize a quality education for the new generations in accordance with the goals of education.

By combining theory with practice and research, students are enabled to be teachers capable of imparting their knowledge, in a way that is appropriate and valuable to students, through contemporary teaching practices and methodologies.

 Mission of the Faculty of Education

The mission of the Faculty of Education is the high scientific preparation of students in the sciences of education, their formation and professional development to become effective teachers. The contemporary methods we operate with, have essentially universal values ​​as well as research support. These methods bring to life ideas and projects, which affect the improvement of human life and society as a whole.

An important part of the mission of the Faculty of Education is to help students develop the knowledge, skills and provisions necessary to become effective and caring teachers in an ever-changing society.

The Faculty of Education combines theory with practice in contemporary conditions and opportunities, for a more efficient preparation of students. Our vision is to prepare students who are ready to enter the job market but at the same time to convey to them the values ​​to build a healthy society.


In order to fulfil the mission, the following objectives of the Faculty have been defined:

  • Scientific and professional preparation of students in the field of teaching;
  • Creating positive experiences through practical learning and discussions about pedagogical practice;
  • E Successful classroom management by planning and conducting successful lessons;
  • Organizing quality teaching in order to increase student’s learning outcomes;
  • Creating a suitable environment for teaching work using active teaching approaches and strategies;
  • Professional communication between teachers, the directorate and cooperation with parents and the school community;
  • Linking theoretical learning with various practical activities in school settings;
  • Implementation of inclusive principles in the learning process to ensure equal development opportunities for students with special needs;
  • Practicing the teaching profession based on the principles of contemporary teaching and universal human values.