Pre-primary Education

The Preschool Program offers quality studies for the preparation of students for the local and European labor market, uses the achievements in education and scientific research in order to develop economic, social and cultural transformation of the country and beyond. The Preschool Program offers quality and professional university education and training, continuous training and adaptation of its activities to social developments. The Preschool Program with organized, continuous and systematic work aims to train students in the future to be able to cope with the development of society and to challenge it, to be able to link theoretical information with practical work in preschool institutions with children of different age groups, creating a positive learning experience and gaining basic skills for effective work with children.

Mission of the study program

The mission of the program is the professional training development of students, their preparation to qualify in the sciences of education, in the practice of the profession of teacher of Preschool Education. The mission of the Preschool Program is to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills, and provisions needed to become effective and caring teachers in an ever-changing society.


The objectives of the preschool program are:

  • Professional training and development of students and preparation for practicing the profession of Preschool Education teacher;
  • Creating previous experiences through practical learning, on the process of teaching and learning;
  • Building knowledge on the basics of preschool education;
  • Familiarity with educational policies and documentation that will work;
  • Implementation of the curriculum through planned activities;
  • Develop knowledge on understanding the nature of growth, development and how preschool children learn;
  • Familiarity with diversity and support to stimulate an effective learning environment;
  • Reflection on the teaching and responsibility they have for children's learning
  • Application of modern teaching technologies and methods.


Upon completion of studies, students should be able to:


Explain the basic concepts in the field of preschool education;

• Recognize and implement competency-based curricula and the use of teaching resources;

• Create previous experiences through practical learning, on the teaching and learning process;

• Identify children's developmental needs and their learning potentials;

• Know the sciences of education;

• Possess interdisciplinary research methods;

• Are able to develop student‘s' critical and creative thinking;

• Are able to build and achieve learning objectives for the lesson;

• Are able to apply contemporary teaching methods, techniques and strategies;