Primary Education

Primary program is one of the programs that are required in the labour market. The network of school in the country is expanding. Changes and developments based in Kosovo Curriculum Frame work raise demand for primary education for which required qualified teachers for I-V grade. Qualification and preparation of teachers are requirement of the time.
The Education Faculty currently has a high rate of employability for its graduates. They are hired in institutions of preschool and elementary level throughout Kosova. In the country the private universities are not entitled legally to offer programs that prepare new teachers, so the Education Faculty in University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” remains one of the institutions who prepare e new teachers for primary school level.
Teachers graduated in the Education Faculty gain knowledge and learn both the teaching and learning rules in different education fields, they as well will become familiar with relationships between educational processes on one side and the individual and society on the other. They acquire the full spectre of special professional competencies required for the mastering of their study fields and/or disciplines they will work on in the future as professionals (teachers, advisers, etc.).

This programme prepares students:
1. For promotion, organization, evaluation, and implementation of educational curriculum effectively to students, parents and other members of the society – community, 
2. With the knowledge, understanding and skills in order to respond to the demands of the 21st century,
3. For emphasizing the different options of study-learning educational issues within primary education;
4. Using the different teaching methodologies through professional practice in schools;
5. Understanding the importance of practice in schools;
6. The system of credits allows for deepening recognition of certain fields within the optional courses, in addition to compulsory subjects of the program;
7. Training on the use and application of modern achievements in the field of primary education and the application of information technology in development activities with primary school students (class I to V);
8. Knowing the interdisciplinary contents and inclusive education,
9. Familiarity with working in educational institutions during the implementation of Professional practices developed  within specific didactics;
10. Students Professional Practice is coordinated and organised by the coordinator of practise learning in cooperation with the primary schools in the region of Gjakova