Prof. Dr. Ilir Kelmendi

Prof. Dr. Ilir Kelmendi


The dean's message
Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Education at Fehmi Agani University.

As dean, I have the privilege and honor to lead the Faculty of Education which is the continuation of the Higher Pedagogical School. At the Faculty of Education, we are focused on providing the highest quality of education to ensure that all students and graduates are able to contribute to their field of study and consequently strengthen the communities where they live and work.
The programs offered at the Faculty of Education as high quality academic programs prepare students to make changes in the classroom, school or organization where they will work and operate. Our dedicated staff is the mainstay in the process of intellectual and professional development of students.
We are also focused on the further development of the Faculty of Education, constantly serving in activities, programs, research work, new partnerships that help in improving our vision.
It is our privilege as the Faculty of Education to contribute to fulfilling the mission of a better education in a complex world.
It is also our privilege to contribute to the creation of new generations of teachers who continue to disseminate knowledge to future generations.
I invite you to continue exploring our website to be informed about the history of the Faculty of Education, about our programs, about the academic staff.

Prof.Dr.Ilir Kelmendi Ph.D
Dean, Faculty of Education